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The Bulletin archive is classified by volume and edition. 

The volumes correspond to UK academic years as follows:

2017-18           Volume 1

2018-19           Volume 2

2019-20           Volume 3

2020-21           Volume 4

2021-22           Volume 5

2022-23           Volume 6

In Volume 1 four editions were published (editions 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4).  Each subsequent volume has appeared in three editions: edition 1 (Autumn – Oct/Nov), 2 (Spring – Feb/March) and 3 (Summer – June).

The Index listed in the menu bar indicates the volume and edition of each entry. In most cases there is also a page number (eg p3 = page 3).  Thus, the index entry 5.1 p29 Iberian lynx indicates that on page 29 of Volume 5’s first edition (ie Autumn/October 2021) you will find an article on the Iberian lynx.  Articles in Spanish are listed in italics.

[In the few cases where, for technical reasons, it was not possible to page-number a past edition, we indicate which number ‘item’ the article appears at in the running order for that edition: eg item 8 would be the eighth article you come to if you were to scroll through that edition.]

Each article can be accessed by clicking on its entry in the Index, so scrolling would only be for the pleasure of browsing.

We have grouped articles under the following topic headings, which are listed in alphabetical order.  A few articles appear twice when they overlap topic areas: eg the portrayal of Mexico in the films Roma and La Zona is listed under both ‘Film’ and ‘Latin America: politics/society’.

Art and photography



Exams: A level / Pre-U


Latin America: literature

Latin America: politics/society

Latin America: visiting



Spain: business/economy

Spain: history

Spain/Latin America

Spain: literature

Spain: politics/society


Spanish Language

Study of Spanish

Third-year abroad

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Our thanks to Simon Butler of SDDC for creating the new linked-up index.