Welcome to the summer 2021 edition of the Bulletin – best enjoyed with your grades assessed, vaccinations complete and a sangría to hand.

This edition carries the link to a survey being undertaken by UCL, with the backing of the Instituto Cervantes and the Bulletin, to chart teacher and student satisfaction with the Modern Languages A-level qualification. If you are studying or teaching a language at school or university level, please take part (and share the link with others). The results will be carried in our next edition. 

On which theme, we find little to celebrate in the latest government proposals for GCSE languages. Time to re-brand language learning as a cross-curricular skill?

Becoming a translator is perhaps the ultimate extension of a linguist’s skill: we examine the demands of the job.

How will Spain emerge from the pandemic?  The author of a major new study (downloadable from this edition) highlights the challenges and opportunities. 

Multiple forces were at work in the recent migrant crisis in Ceuta : we call in expert analysis to reveal the full story (in Spanish).

We’ve hitherto avoided Brexit, but with the realities becoming clearer we weigh up the quirks and ironies it has brought thus far for Spaniards, Brits and Gibraltarians (in Spanish).

Chile’s experiment with devising a new, fairer Constitution is one of the most intriguing political processes anywhere in the world.  We look at the underlying issues (in Spanish).

Longing for a trip to the Spanish-speaking world?  We hear from the ecotourist paradise of Costa Rica  about how it has coped with the pandemic, and its longer-term prospects.

Crónica de una muerte anunciada [Chronicle of a death foretold] turns 40 this year.  We revisit the text to identify ten top takeaways from the work – not least, the identity of Ángela’s lover.

Argentine poet Alejandra Pizarnik had a life-long struggle with mental illness: we look at how she channelled her anguish through her classic poem La jaula.

And finally… our spring 2021 edition was read in 65 countries by around 50% more readers than any previous edition since we launched in 2017.  We owe our thanks for that to readers like you who have shared your enthusiasm for all things Spanish by passing on the Bulletin link to others.  We hope the process will continue, and send a special welcome to those now reading the Bulletin for the first time. 

You can sign up for future editions either through our newly installed ‘Click Me’ subscriber button below, or through the Contact Us tab above. You can find out more about the Bulletin (and how to submit articles) through the Guidelines tab. 

The deadline for the next edition is 30 September.

Feliz verano – o invierno, dependiendo de dónde te ubicas…

The BAS team

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