Welcome to the spring 2021 edition of the Bulletin – a shot in the arm against the pandemic blues, covering multiple variants of Spanish-speaking culture, tweaked with 100% effective pedagogy.

On which note, Helen Laurenson offers a personal view of how A-level teaching can preserve the best of Pre-U after it ends in June 2023, while the Cervantes Institute’s London director celebrates success and previews future prospects for Spanish teaching in the UK* (* denotes an article in Spanish).

Across the Atlantic, Colombian journalist Clara Riveros casts una mirada crítica at the Castro legacy* in Cuba, and we assess the Covid-19 vaccination programme in Latin America*.

Since our last edition Argentina has lost Maradona*, as well as the philosopher, wit and political theorist Carlos Escudé, originator of the realismo periférico approach to international relations: we celebrate their extraordinary stories.

Still with Argentina, Stephen Hart examines César Aira’s great modern novella La villa, with its topical themes of fake news and ‘fake fate’. 

Also from the Pre-U syllabus, we look at Mexican films La zona and the exquisite, Oscar-winning Roma (complete with teaching tips), as well as El silencio de otros, the film that has arguably changed Spain’s outlook on its franquista past.  On which topic, Serena Thandi reports on the draft Ley de Memoria Democrática and William Chislett introduces two newly republished post-Civil War essays written in exile by anti-Franco activist, author and broadcaster Arturo Barea, Struggle for the Spanish soul and Spain in the post-war world.

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Con la esperanza de que 2021 os lleve a buen puerto,

The BAS editorial team

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