Welcome to the autumn 2022 edition of the Bulletin, with the Spanish-speaking world a relative oasis of calm compared to the turbulence elsewhere. 

Time therefore for a good read.  With Crónica de una muerte anunciada now featuring on ever-more exam syllabuses, we identify key themes and extracts that will impress an examiner as well as increasing your own appreciation of the text.  We also look at García Márquez’s fellow boom novelist Carlos Fuentes (in Spanish), focusing on Pre-U set-text La muerte de Artemio Cruz.  Closer to home, William Chislett reviews his correspondence with Javier Marías, the much admired Spanish author who died in September.

Literature was also the focus of the winning entry in the Bulletin’s first-ever Essay Competition, about Emilia Bazán’s short story El revólver.  In a separate article, we hear the Judge’s verdict on the competition. 

The verdict on the A-level Independent Research Project, as it applies to Spanish, is favourable.  We offer two perspectives: that of the teacher, the other of the A-level student (with special reference to the classic Mexican film Roma).

Chile is perhaps the main exception to the impression of calm in the Spanish-speaking world.  Clara Riveros looks at why a society hungry for change nonetheless rejected its new draft Constitution (in Spanish).

J B Trend played a key role in making Spain accessible to British students in the 20th century.  We look at his eventful life story.  Though even Trend might have had difficulty answering the question in our language-focussed article of this edition: why do Spaniards shout ¡Venga! at each other?

Since 2017 the Bulletin of Advanced Spanish has been a free resource, read on every continent, written by and for enthusiasts at all stages of their exploration of the language and culture of the Spanish-speaking world.  Please see the Guidelines tab if you would like to write for us.  The deadline for the next edition is the end of January.

Autumn is too early to break out the José Feliciano, but when the time comes, we wish our readers Feliz Navidad.

The BAS editorial team


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