Our Spring 2022 Bulletin salutes Rafael Nadal, whose Australian Open triumph may be the greatest Spanish comeback since Columbus reappeared over the horizon in 1493.

Another Spanish world-beater returns this month.  We review Pedro Almodóvar’s Oscar-nominated Madres paralelas and assess where it stands alongside Todo sobre mi madre and Volver.  When you’ve seen the film, take our Almodóvar quiz.

As with Almodóvar, so too with Lorca: women take centre stage in his best works.  We explore the playwright’s enduring appeal.

Gender is also central to García Márquez’s Crónica… [Chronicle of a death foretold].  Would Ángela, the non-virgin bride, be returned to her family in today’s Colombia? In Sex, Shame and Power Clara Riveros provides an answer by comparing Latin America’s sexual revolution with pre-modern North Africa, while also looking at crime, corruption and Covid in Colombia today.

Our Latin American coverage also features the rise of the political left (in Spanish) and William Chislett’s impressions of Mexico today as he returns after four decades to the land where he worked as a foreign correspondent.

Shifting from politics to economics, we investigate the secret of Spain’s new-found prosperity in the second half of the 20th century.

Translation in the classroom can be a delight of language study: in the last of our recent series, we look at how to enthuse and educate students in this subtle art.

Our plato fuerte is A-Level reform.  We are now at the closing stage of the research project spearheaded by this publication in partnership with UCL and the Cervantes Institute.  In this edition four leading academics put forward detailed proposals for including S & T, Business and Film-making in a reformed Modern Languages curriculum.  Please read these and then rank them in the accompanying survey, encouraging as many ML students, teachers, examiners and lecturers as possible to take part.  Results and recommendations will be sent to the UK education authorities.  Please complete this by 1 March: it will shape the future!

In addition to our Almodóvar quiz, we are launching an essay competition for Sixth Formers.  Poster attached.  We look forward to receiving entries.

The Bulletin of Advanced Spanish is a free resource, read on every continent, written by and for enthusiasts at all stages of their exploration of the language and culture of the Spanish-speaking world.  Please see the Guidelines tab if you would like to write for us.  The summer edition deadline is the end of May.

We wish our readers a fulfilling and variant-free exam season.

The BAS editorial team


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