¡Feliz Año!

Ten years ago Spanish politics was the boring bit of the telediario: endless manoeuvring between PSOE or PP party barons, un sinfín de pactos with regional parties.

Now it’s full-on entertainment.  Podemos, Ciudadanos and the Catalans shook it up, and Vox is threatening to do so again.

11Politics is therefore at the forefront of this edition.

The distinguished constitutional expert Carlos-Nahman Escudé uses our pages to propose a new form of Spanish state to resolve the Catalan crisis.

In Dangerous terrain we review flash-points across the Spanish-speaking world, while our Pre-U student journalists analyse Vox’s rise and tell the story of the Benedictine versus the boneshakers – the latest word from Franco’s mausoleum.  Fran Compán 12looks afresh at that perennial British stone in the Spanish shoe, Gibraltar (in Spanish).

On the cultural side, Robin Wallis discusses the changes to the Borges and Almodóvar sections of the Pre-U Topics and Texts syllabus, while Stephen Hart looks at how the two mini-masterpieces of Argentine cinema that can now be studied in the Argentina del siglo 21 Topic relate to wider developments in Latin American film.  Student Max Glowacki strikes out beyond the syllabus with his recommendation of a good book – Eva Luna.

Belén S. Alonso offers advice on preparation for the fast-approaching Pre-U speaking exams.  In our language section El auge del Spanglish reviews the emergence of hybrid Spanish and English as a serious linguistic phenomenon, while Belén looks at whether Spanish is a sexist language.

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We anticipate a submissions deadline for the next edition of 31 May.  Just one caveat: if you’d like to submit an article, you may wish to check with us before you start writing to ensure that another enthusiast isn’t writing on the same subject – it has happened…

Hasta la victoria siempre to our exam-candidate readers.