The Bulletin of Advanced Spanish: mission guidelines

The Bulletin of Advanced Spanish is a free resource intended to share and foster enthusiasm for the Spanish-speaking world.  The text is copyright of the editors of BAS but can be reproduced free for educational purposes as long as the original source is indicated. 

The Bulletin aims to include topical content reflecting recent political, social and cultural developments.  It also carries exam-related content orientated towards the Cambridge Pre-U and A level boards’ syllabuses.  

The Bulletin brings together the enthusiasm and expertise of writers at various levels of familiarity with the Spanish-speaking world.  Contributions are generally by or for students from Sixth Form to degree level, teachers/lecturers at those levels, those with specialist skills relating to the Spanish-speaking world, citizens of that world and enthusiasts for Spain and South America. 

The Bulletin aims to cover complex subject matter in an accessible but academically rigorous manner.

Articles are in either Spanish or English (we encourage contributors to write in their native language).  They are submitted for review by members of the editorial team.  Usually some drafting changes are made before a re-draft is submitted for the author’s approval. 

We regret that not every article submitted will be accepted. Prospective authors are welcome to submit ideas to us via the Contact Us tab for an initial sounding before drafting.

We aim to produce three editions per year, ie one per academic term.  Submission deadlines have usually been at the end of September, January and May.

Readers are welcome to forward the Bulletin to others who may be interested.  They in turn are invited to send us their email address to add to our mailing list.

Bulletin of Advanced Spanish editorial board

September 2020