Almodóvar Quiz!

Madres paralelas

As an auteur film director, Almodóvar deliberately weaves connections between his films. In what ways do the following aspects of Madres paralelas echo earlier Almodóvar films? 

(Clue: the films in question are all mentioned in our accompanying review of Madres paralelas.)

1.	The problem mother of an unhappily pregnant young woman 
2.	An absent hippy mother 
3.	A proactive mother busily walking down a Madrid street talking on her phone
4.	The phrase ‘como Dios manda’
5.	Reference to Janis’ home being in the barrio, and to visiting her relatives in the pueblo
6.	A phone number changed or unanswered to escape contact and evade responsibility 
7.	An older friend ‘mothering’ a younger friend 
8.	Evocative use of a shadow moving along a wall
9.	A drinking/smoking actress rehearsing Lorca
10.	Barquillos (‘wafers’)
11.	A new baby given a significant name
12.	The phrase ‘tenemos que hablar

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